Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Beneficiaries of Camino’s Ministries:

Those who receive or request services, guidance and ministry from Camino missionaries can be assured that reasonable efforts will be made to promote conditions, procedures and decisions that are biblical, lawful, safe, respectful, and provide appropriate confidentiality or privacy. This commitment also applies to work teams, ministry interns, and short-term teams.

For this reason members of Camino Global will: 

  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and national or ethnic origin.
  • Only request information for which there is reasonable necessity.
  • Protect against improper access to information requested.
  • Operate facilities with appropriate safety, accessibility, and privacy.
  • Establish with beneficiaries a clear understanding of what may be expected and what may not be expected from the ministry offered.
  • Use biblical principles in counseling and corrective actions.


Questions and Concerns:

All questions and concerns can be directed to Camino Global online, by mail, or by phone using the contact info provided on this page, or in person with any Camino missionary.

Did you know? In Scripture, Christ refers to Himself as the Camino: "I am the Way / Yo soy el Camino." - John 14:6